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How do I know what service our product is right for me?

If you are having trouble with what is right for you. You can book a free consultation call with me or click the chat in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Why should I book a Consultation?

Consultations are absolutely free to you and are strictly for you to ask me about the products and/or services that 3llure provides.

What is intuitive tarot

With intuitive tarot I pick up on your energy and speak to what I see and feel in the cards as apposed to the book definitions.

What is "Be Your Own Hero"?

"Be Your Own Hero" is my mentorship program for those ready to commit to looking within and relying on their own inner guidance, while building a network of like minded individuals to cheer them on.

What is coaching/mentorship?

Spiritual Coaching or Mentorship is being guided and taught how to equip yourself through your spiritual journey. I.E. Life.

Still have questions for us? Click the chat button in the lower right hand corner to ask us now!